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Day Training at Bark&Zoom

Bark&Zoom has long been known for its intensive Board&Train Program.  Designed to provide thorough yet fun training, this program teaches dogs to obey commands, recognize their owner as the Leader of Your Pack, and curb the most worrisome behaviors that may have prevented you from taking your dog out in public. Board&Train goes beyond your basic training program and many of our clients call it a “Doggy Bootcamp.”

Now, Bark&Zoom is offering a new option to the traditional model called Day Training…dogs will receive the same rigorous training as Board&Train, but instead of staying overnight, they will go home at the end of the day. If you cannot or do not want to be separated from you dog full time, this option allows you to have the best of both worlds– drop your dog off in the morning and take him home after a day of daily lessons.

In Day Training, as in Board&Train, dogs learn commands that will allow for meaningful and safe interactions with other people and animals. Both programs are perfect for adult dogs of all sizes and breeds. They can tame behavioral issues you may have experienced with your pet, as well as teach behaviors that will make your dog more alert, friendly and obedient both at home and in public.

If you’re interested in something other than Day Training at Bark&Zoom, visit our Dog Training Services page online. If you are ready to teach your dog some new tricks, make a reservation today!


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